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Enjoying your patio is all fun and games until you end up with a brutal sunburn. What if you could entertain guests on a beautifully shaded patio? Palmetto Home & Craftsman, Inc. installs patio covers for homeowners in the Mauldin, SC area. The top of the cover has asphalt shingles, and we can customize them to match the existing shingles on your roof. You can even have us hook up an outdoor fan to keep things cool.

If you're interested in a patio cover for your property, call 864-249-5237 today. We'll be happy to go over the details with you.

We also install aluminum pergolas

In addition to patio covers, we also install aluminum pergolas for our clients. Our aluminum pergolas are great because...

They come with a 10-year warranty for your peace of mind

You can choose between seven different color options

We have SolaView covers you can add to shade the sun's rays